Been a contractor at Microsoft for 15 years and seen firsthand of ongoing H-1B abuse and sneaky tatics pulled by Microsoft to avoid President Trump’s Job first agenda involving H-1B’s.
I like to add to this topic my recent role at Microsoft which I was laid off from in May 15th of this year.. The team I was with cut us three lose and due to Russians taking our jobs for way less money and team wanted to save on budget…
I am in favor of killing H1-B businesses operating on USA soil whom are importing and exporting high skilled jobs from Americans.. I just love to be the one going to these companies and say your FIRED and have 72 hours to leave USA 🇺🇸…
The company that took my job was a Russian staffing agency called  they bring in folks from Russia and other European countries to take skilled jobs at Microsoft for way less money…
I had to train and document my job so these Russians learn it… We need to get President Trump’s direct email and forward this to him so he can understand the magnitude of this scam in a deeper level!
So it isn’t just the bobbleheads violating H1-B laws and to add to that list is Russians and Chinese companies doing it too.
I just wish I could have a federal title job to get rid of these damn bobbleheads H1-b illegal staffing companies.  I would love to go to each Indian offices with the feds and shut them down and say you have 72 hours to cease operations and get the hell out of my country…
I get calls and emails on a daily basis from these bobblehead for jobs I don’t do and I am a Sr. Systems Engineer not a developer also note they don’t even read my resume to see that!
These people aren’t even skilled and I found out more deeper level how these bobbleheads steal our jobs. About 5 years ago I worked on a team at Microsoft and I had a Indian co worker named bijilli.. He got on my nerves a lot asking me how to install this and fix that. Until one Day he called me and said hey I need your help and I said what’s up… Come to my shock he didn’t know how to install windows 2008 server software and configure it.. I said WTF get in my office now.
He comes in my office and I said ok be honest what the hell are they teaching you in India and how you get the job and you claim you are a coder but he can’t even code or can’t troubleshoot or install windows software? He broke down and told me the inside scam they are doing.
Apparently these bobbleheads in India go to a warehouse converted into cram exam classrooms with overhead projector 📽 with guidebooks on training exam books.. in the front or middle of the room there are free windows exam books of all software in a  big pile they grab it and say I want to know this.. Update: I have seen a 60 Minutes episode a few years back on this topic and they went undercover and filmed this travesty scam going on.. All over India today, there are makeshift schools that teach Indians how to do the exact skill that is being sought in the US.  The schools are started by temporary workers that are back in India from a stint  in the US.   They are taught the quick and dirty method of getting over on the customer. They often put “University” on their resume based on that quick 6 month trade school.  It’s never checked.
All they have to do is read the books and take quizzes to pass then the H1-B staffing agencies in India assign them to one of the companies located in the states.
They take people off the streets with no training or anything to steal our jobs from those hard working Americans who actually paid money and worked hard to learn this skill set…
These bobbleheads are criminals stealing jobs from Americans and US companies need to be fined heavily for hiring these unskilled bobbleheads to replace skilled American technology workers…  enough is enough I haven’t had a job in 7 months and it’s hurting me…
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  1. Chen January 2, 2018 at 10:19 pm - Reply

    Dude, what u mentioned in ur post is BS…u can for sure be a story teller….do u even knw how to install OS on ur laptop….ah wait u don’t need to do it…a Chinese guy wld do it for u

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