Medical Center Hospital

Medical Center Hospital

Description of what is happening:
Here is the simple trick… first make it harder to apply and no way to tracking our application follow-up.
Place an advertisement in the news paper without email address, phone#, website address and work location address.
This company not recruiting qualified candidates and abusing the H1B VISA system to get cheaper foreign labor to do the job using some tactics in H1B VISA.
we are unable to get jobs, advertisement proof attached to know more about. I spoke with my friends, purposefully rejected and no tracking in this case and discouraged to apply only, sent hard copy of resume/bio-data by only fedex/usps/ups.
No email ID, phone number,website address, do research more about the position and employer details,etc.
no way to follow-up for my application in this case.Labour application LCA :

as per LCA details,
11. Name of newspaper or professional journal (if applicable) in which second advertisement was placed:
Odessa American –
checked Newspaper Job advertised in
21. Dates advertised with local or ethnic newspaper
From: 12/09/2012To: 12/09/2012

see the position applied: Clinical Dietitian
(similarly if you apply any position, the truth is wont be selected or sometime not even get any calls for interview, no resposne from the employer)

VISA application reference:

Case Number Case Type Case Status Approval Date Employer Name Job Title State
A-13113-58449 PERM Certified 10-21-2014 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Laboratory Medical Technologist TX
A-17076-14826 PERM Certified 06-30-2017 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Medical Technologist TX
A-17076-14791 PERM Certified 06-30-2017 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Medical Technologist TX
A-13074-48351 PERM Certified 10-10-2014 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Clinical Dietitian TX
A-12333-17618 PERM Certified 01-21-2014 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Sr. Network Specialist TX
A-13087-51362 PERM Denied 08-20-0014 MEDICAL CENTER HOSPITAL Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists TX

we are afraid to report this abuse, because of powerful people to block us in future employment and scared for our own future. will you expose this to appropriate immigration authorities?.

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