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Guest Worker Fraud has a devastating effect on the Guest Worker and on the American Citizen.

As an example, the Guest Worker may experience the following items:

  • Paying a processing fee for their H-1B or other non-immigrant guest worker visa
  • Signing a form that requires them to pay a fee should they leave the employment of their company.
  • Being “Benched” and not paid.
  • Having “Layers” of employers taking a percentage of their salary leaving them with less money than was promised on the LCA application.

As an example, the American Citizen may experience the following items:

  • Being forced to train their replacement non-immigrant guest worker and then fired, or laid off.
  • Signing a severance agreement to silence their voice
  • Being excluded for competing for jobs that they have the skills to fill by employers who refuse to hire American Citizens.

If you have experienced these or other situations, please submit the form anonymously on the right so that we can work together to help identify those unscrupulous companies and individuals that are doing this to the non-immigrant guest worker and American Citizens.

Working together, we will find a way to get this information in front of the proper authorities so that these practices can be eliminated.

If you would like to discuss these items with another non-immigrant guest worker first, please check out Kumar’s work via the following links:



To help identify companies properly, it is best to use the name of the company and the address that is shown on your pay check stub.
If they have a website, please enter it here.

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